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Cockroaches - This group of insects is very rich in the tropics. Few of them become domesticated. They are abundant in the colder parts of the world also. Cockroaches are the most persistent one. Insects of this family existed in great numbers in geologic period.

Dried lavender is readily available in bundled bouquets or loose blossoms. You can find numerous on line sources by Googling dried lavender. Lavender farms exist in most areas and usually offer fresh bouquets, dried bouquets, or u picking. Picking season is June and July. To locate farms in your area, just search "lavender farms" on Google. Often these farms also offer handcrafted products made from lavender.

There are also shampoos that are specially formulated to prevent or get rid of flea infestation. They generally contain Pyrethrins, which are neurotoxins that attack the nervous system of insects, including fleas. It would be easy to apply this treatment to a dog since but not for a cat. Most cats can't tolerate bathing therefore this treatment may not suitable for them. They detest water and you will need great patience when bathing them. For cats, you can choose other types of medication like powders or sprays. They are as effective as shampoos but they may endanger people especially children. When you come into direct contact with your pet, the pesticide will stick on your hands and it would be harmful when it is transferred to the mouth. Powders or sprays are also available for dogs.

Since your pet is probably the carrier of these critters, you will have to wash them properly first. Give them a good bath in hot water so that the fleas do not survive.

The outer covering of a pet bed should be made of a high quality fabric that can withstand pawing and digging and can be easily removed for machine washing. Clean bedding can reduce the allergens for you and your pet and forestall the possibility of a flea infestation. Shapes, colors and designs can be found to please owners who have an eye for fashion and want the pet bed to match their home decor.

The Shih Tzu requires a little more care than some other breeds, and potential owners who are looking for a low maintenance dog should probably choose another breed. Because their snouts are small and borderline nonexistent, drinking water from a bowl often contributes to their unclean faces. Owners sometimes use water dispensers like those used in hamster and rabbit cages. If the dog is drinking from a bowl, it is sometimes necessary to keep on eye on them; water can enter their face-level noses more easily and inhibit breathing. The area around the eyes should be cleaned gently each day, with cotton and warm water. Providing them with bottled water or water that does not contain chlorine helps to keep eye mucus to a minimum. These dogs are high maintenance regarding grooming and cleaning.

Today, flea treatments are also available in oral form. This pill is given once a month and it aims to retard flea growth. Therefore, fleas can't reproduce and bite your pets.

If you're suffering from bites yourself, especially on your ankles, that's another sign you may have fleas on your pet and in your home. A good way to check for fleas in your home and yard is to wear white socks and shuffle around the areas your pet frequents. If you have flea dogs, it's likely you'll collect some on the socks, and they'll be easy to spot on the white fabric.

These are found particularly in shampoos, sprays, dips and insect repellents. These products are less suitable to cats and cause severe lever damage or death. Cats are very sensitive to these products and should only be used with extreme care and in extreme conditions only. It is always good to keep it away from cats.
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